Vine App Will Be Converted Into a Pared-Down Vine Camera App from January, Says Twitter

Vine App Will Be Converted Into a Pared-Down Vine Camera App from January, Says Twitter

Twitter, in October, said it is killing off vine. However, the company has shared an update on Monday Clarifying the company will convert its vine app into a pared-down vine camera.

The transition will be rolled out in January. So while Twitter is shutting down the vine platform, but users will still be able to make six-second looping videos and post them on Twitter. The video can be saved on to smartphones as well.

The social media networking site further said that it will soon roll out an option that makes it easy for user’s Vine followers to follow them on Twitter.

Notably, the company has announced that users will be able to download their already existing Vines through either the mobile app or the website.

Twitter is also making it easier for Vine followers to follow users on Twitter. Stay tuned for a “follow on twitter” notification soon said team Vine as well.

This can be done through the app or the website. All of your Vines will continue to live on the vine. Co websites, so you can browse all of the Amazing videos you created over the years, the post reads.

Earlier reports had indicated that Twitter was planning to sell off Vine, but it looks like it will survive as a camera app.

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Vine App Will Be Converted Into a Pared-Down Vine Camera App from January, Says Twitter

We’ve already seen the company integrate the periscope live button into the main Twitter app, so it’s interesting that the company thinks that vine can do well as a standalone app.

Previously media sharing site Giphy unveiled its online tool that allowed users to transfer their Vines, collectively or individually.

Giphy pointed out that the vine files were shareable in form of GIF images initially but the videos will be with the website in the source data for each and every vine transferred.

Twitter is not the only one thinking differently around the Smartphone camera. We’ve seen rivals Facebook and Instagram make quite a few changes to their camera apps, thanks to snapchat’s growing popularity.

Snapchat filters or face masks are extremely popular, especially among youth. Instagram has added a ton of new functionalities to its camera app, which now looks like Snapchat’s camera app, which now looks like snapchat’s camera app.

It has also integrated bounce back, which makes it easier to share GIFs from within Instagram app itself. Facebook Messenger, on the other hand, has a new native camera app with features like 3D Masks, special effects, which look very similar to what Snapchat offers.

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