Now, you can encrypt your Facebook Messenger chats using secret conversation feature

Now, you can encrypt your Facebook Messenger chats using secret conversation feature

Facebook started implementing its end-to-end encryption for its 1 billion users of the company’s Messenger service. When turning Secret Conversations on any chat it can be enabled the new layer of secure communication, so that governments, hackers, and even Facebook itself can’t read them.

By default, Facebook Messenger threads aren’t secret, so for that you want to perform a some steps than after you turn on encryption.

Those users who wish to chat with end-to-end encryption will have to activate it on every new message. There’s two ways to start a Secret Conversation.

How do I start a secret conversation?

 ♦ The first open Facebook Messenger to the home screen, and tapping the new message icon then        tapping   on “Secret” on the top right corner before Select friend you want to have an encrypted    conversation with.

how to have secret conversations on facebook

And then after set your phone as your Default Device for Secret messages, send any message and it will be end-to-end encrypted, and you can also set the timer on a message to make it self-destruct, at last send your disappearing message

♦ The other way of selecting Secret Conversation in the Setting menu, starting a secret conversation is by opening an already existing chat, tapping on the name of the recipient at the top.

secret conversation,facebook messenger encryption
   Secret Conversations 

Facebook’s Messenger’s Secret conversations feature enables end-to-end encryption for conversations between two devices. Also Facebook is offering Snapchat-like ability to have their messages self-destruct after a specified duration. To get these features, you need to make sure Messenger app is updated on your iPhone or Android phone.

Any secret Conversation will be exclusive to the participating devices. You can’t access it via a different device or via your browser. A Secret conversation will follow a black colour theme so as not to confuse it with a regular conversation.

The disadvantage to secret conversations is that you can’t send video or gifs and are limited to stickers and images and also you can’t use this feature for group conversations. Another drawback is that the feature is optional and is not turned on by default, this may problematic for people who chat about private matters but have forgotten to turn on secret conversations.

Earlier this year, Facebook’s other instant messaging app WhatsApp getting end-to-end encryption.


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