Facebook’s algorithm puts hoax story about 9/11 Trending Topics

Facebook’s algorithm puts hoax story about 9/11 Trending Topics

On Friday, Facebook’s algorithm Facebook’s trending stories placed “9/11 terrorist attack “, for at the top of its list, this stories linking to by The Daily Star tabloid that carried the headline, “September 11: The footage that ‘proves bombs were planted in the Twin Towers.”

Facebook’s trending news section is making headline again and.” Instead of simply removing the offending article but, on the platform has dropped the trending topic- broadly titled “September 11th Anniversary”.

This article, which is still accessible on the news websites, about that truther story of 9/11 many words to describing for dedicates-that the tower were fall down by purposely planted bombs rather than planes.

If you clicked on the treading topic of “September 11th  Anniversary”, Facebook directed you to the following page:


Facebook,hoax story,9/11 ,September 11th Anniversary
     Facebook’s hoax story :September 11th Anniversary


As soon as the Intersect reached out to Facebook for a comment on the matter, the article disappeared from trending stories on the Facebook’s page for the topic.

On Friday, a Facebook spokeswoman told the Washington post in a statement, “We’re aware a hoax story showed up there, and as a temporary step to resolving this we’ve removed the topic.”

According to the post, the article unaccompanied originally disappeared from the topic page and it was replaced by a different story. Finally, though, Facebook removed the topic from the trending section in all.

A spokesman said “Per the statement, we’ve removed the topic.”

In a while Friday afternoon, one more topic-September 11 Memorials and Services – started trending. Its top story was a piece from Time with the headline, “This Is How the World Is Remembering 9/11.


Facebook,hoax story,9/11 ,September 11th Anniversary
This Is How the World Is Remembering September 11th


The articles are placed through an algorithm based on relevancy and time posted, according to a person familiar with the matter. It replaces the links after an undecided amount of time, without any human management or quality control.

On August 26 when Facebook switched its algorithm, the company said it would still have people involved in the process to make sure the links posted remained “high quality”.

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