Facebook Messenger’s ‘Conversation Topics’ will recommend what to talk about

Facebook Messenger’s ‘Conversation Topics’ will recommend what to talk about

Facebook Messenger has announced a new feature called “Conversation Topics”, which will suggest topic for conversation based on your friend’s recent activities.

A twitter user Chris Messina first spotted the feature on Facebook Messenger iOS app and posted the screenshot of the same. He said in a tweet, “Clever: @messenger now suggests conversation starters based on things your friends have done recently.”

This summer, Facebook Messenger might have already hit the billion-user club, but the company always wants to increase the app usage, so the company in search of new ways.

At this time, some of users are not currently seeing this new section in their own Messenger application. Currently Facebook might be testing it for a small group of people. Soon, this features are roll out the same for all Messenger users.

Home-screen is your dedicated section on suggested topics.

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The conversation topic suggestion appears below a friend’s name in the new section. To the right is Messenger’s activity indicator, which shows you when the person was last online.

See the above example, Messenger displays places the friend in question had recently visited, like the Grand Canyon.


In other cases, the suggested topics might include things like the songs the friend just listened to on a music streaming service, or an event they’ve indicated they’ve said they’re interested via Facebook Events.

Using this feature you can catch up with an old friend, also these conversation prompts can help you figure out what to talk about. In addition, the feature would have added benefit of being a more basic News Feed or sorts, as it lets you catch up on friend’s recent activity, without having to scroll through News Feed and its clutter of shared links, posts from Facebook Pages, ads and other account.

Recently Facebook Messenger added ‘data saver’ option to its app on Android, Instead of the app downloading them; this option allows the users to manually download the images and videos that are sent to them.

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