Facebook Live is available in India:Good news for Android and IOS Users

Facebook Live is available in India:Good news for Android and IOS Users

Facebook Live is very better to stream and through the app watch the live videos just similar to Periscope .Finally Facebook Live streaming is available in India for the android and iOS users. Also Live streaming feature is widely popular in US and UK users of the social network. In India only for the limited and selected users can able to access the live option. Though, the live feature is existing to all Facebook pages, individual users. When Android users open the app, they will see the option very significantly, right below the status box, next to the photo and check in options. IOS users will require to click on the what’s on your mind box and after look for the Live Video option behalf of the bottom of the screen on the final screen.

Currently ,Facebook has done lot of changes in the notification panel  layout.

Till now Facebook Live was available for some of people on iOS,except starting from today,it has been available for everyone on iOS and as well Android.


Using the Facebook Live video users a live video to other users on Facebook.Facebook has been approaching  Live Video in a huge way ,and In india turn over the control means Your News Feed is likely to be entire with the live videos over the next days.On the Facebook wall this is as a testing live Video session.

Facebook Live Features:

-♦Users can post the live videos capable of 4 hours length or duration.

-♦Now, users can also have the option to hide their comments on the posted videos or the broadcasting   videos.

-♦Users can also add the videos with a full screen portrait in iOS devices.

-♦The Facebook Live service would include the ablity for guests to drop in on and ask questions through video in a live stream.

-♦It’s  also include fun features like filters same as  Snapchat .

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