Facebook allows you make voice and video calls with Windows 10 App Update

Facebook allows you make voice and video calls with Windows 10 App Update

Now, Facebook has improved its Messenger app for Windows 10 as the app has two features that weren’t there before. Also user can now allows make voice and video call to their friends and family, and it works just like Messenger on iOS and Android. There’s a phone icon in the top right corner of your screen within a chat, and when the person you’re trying to reach is active, you can call them.

According to VentureBeat, When you start a call, the app informs you that “call use Wi-Fi or your data plan.” That’s odd, because generally your Windows 10 PC doesn’t have a data plan. Your phone does.

Now ,you can directly using windows app make a voice or video call via Facebook ,without to go to Messenger.com or Facebook.com on your Windows device. While the desktop app for the windows isn’t quite as strong as that for iOS and Android, you will receive a local desktop notification when someone’s trying to reach you, and you have the option of leaving a voice message, should your own call be ignored.

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After a few months this update comes the Facebook app for Windows 10 allowed users to record and share Live broadcasts from their desktop and tablet. This feature is currently limited to Windows 10 devices. Everyone else can use Facebook Live only on their Smartphones.

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At this point it is not clear whether Facebook will introduce the update to its apps for Apple iOS and OSX devices or Android tablets.

According to WinBeta Recently, the update is rolling out, now not all Windows 10 users will be able to immediately access the “Go Live” option when they open up their Facebook app. In the “update status” box, the small live streaming icon can be seen. Beside other media-related features, such as image sharing and emojis.

Also user will be able to choose which camera they want to use for the video calls and group voice calls will be carried as well. Unfortunately, on Windows 10 group video calls can’t be made using Facebook Messenger.

A Spanish website has reported, Facebook has also updated WhatsApp for windows phone with video calling capability. This update for the beta users, so you’ll have to be really lucky to be able to test it out before everyone else.

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