Your smartphone: UP FOR THE CHALLENGE

Your smartphone: UP FOR THE CHALLENGE

Cat phones are designed to compliment those phone users living rugged lifestyles who think the current mobile device market isn’t catering for the challenges they face day-to-day. Bringing innovative technology and Caterpillar’s iconic commitment to durability to construction sites, farms and outdoor environments, the Cat phones range is designed to be the perfect companion to your rugged lifestyle.

Drop-proof, dust proof and shockproof, these rugged smartphones are made out of tough stuff so you can work worry-free. Cat phones are built to MIL Spec Defense Specification and our latest models – including the S40 and S60 thermal imaging smartphone – are certified to highest IP rating available – IP68.

At the end of one of the experiment the device screen was scratched and the handset vibrated for a few minutes – but it was also still functioning.

While many of the latest smartphones, including the Samsung S7, are also waterproof, the S7 could not receive calls while under water in our test.

Priced at £529, the Cat S60 has considerably more features, including thermal imaging functionality. It also survived both the water and sand tests but its owner was not keen on experimenting with the height drop.

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