Xiaomi Won’t Launch The Mi Note 2 & Mi MIX In India

Xiaomi Won’t Launch The Mi Note 2 & Mi MIX In India

Chinese Smartphone gaint Xiomi launched its second –generation flagship phablet earliear today to much media fanfare.The Orignal Mi note was announced as far back as far back as in January 2015 and many early reports seem to suggest that the wait will be well worth it once the Mi Note 2 is made available for purchase in the day to come.

However , Xiaomi fans in india who would have been hoping to get their hands on Xiaomi ‘s latest flagship phablet , may be in for some major discontent if a new report doing the rounds of the Indian tech media is anything to go by.

Xiaomi is aiming to acquire the largest market share in india within 3-5 years , but keeping india away from crucial products launches such as the Mi Note 2 may not bode so well for the company .

The Mi Note 2 is powered by snapdragon 821 chipset , 4GB /6GB RAM option and 64GB /128GB Storage variants.It packs a 4,070mAh Battery with Quick Charge 3.0 and supports 4G LTE and NFC.on the camera side of things,there is a 22.56MP Sony IMX318 Supports 4G LTE and NFC.

The india launch embargo reportedly also extends to the Mi MIX , Which happens to be a massive 6.4 –inch high –end  phablet  that was also unveiled alongside the Mi Note 2 at the event in Beijing earlier today.

As for the Mi Note 2 , the premium handset dons a fine design with high –grade  7 series aluminium body with curved 3D glass shield on both front and back sides.It also sports a large 5.7 –inch flexible OLED display with dual curved edges and 2k resolution .

Since this statement in fact comes straight from the horse’s mouth,there’s no real reason not to believe it , but it does come as a huge discontent for many would  -be buyers in india.For the Monry it’s asking ,the Mi Note2 seems to be really interesting device , and could have been a compelling choice for byers wanting a premium smartphone without breaking the bank.Now whether Xiaomi will in the end launch a tweaked version of the phablet in the country at a later date remains to be seen , but for now at least,Indian residents wanting to get their hands on a premium Android phablet for cheap will need to look elsewhere.

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Xiaomi Won’t Launch The Mi Note 2 & Mi MIX In India


Xiaomi earlier today’s launched a couple of high-end smartphones at a event in china.The more mainstream of the two devices, Mi Note 2 , features a 5.7-inch 1080p curved OLED flexible display panel and is powered by the snapdragon 821 ‘performance Edition ’ SOC that comes with a quad –core CPU clocked at an impressive 2.3Ghz.

The smartphone will be available in three different variants , only two of which will be sold in the Chinese market comes with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of the internal storage , while the more premium model will sport 6GB OF RAM and 128GB of storage.

The global edition , meanwhile ,will also have 6GB of RAM and 128GB storage model ,but will be compatible with up to 37 different LTE bands that are functional worldwide.

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