Samsung Gear S3 News: New Gear S3 App to Messaging, Available on App Store

Samsung Gear S3 News: New Gear S3 App to Messaging, Available on App Store

There’s great news for users of Samsung gear s3 its reveals latest app for the Gear s3 smartwatch. Here, we have great news for Gear S3 users. If you want to chat with your friends and colleagues and searching for the good app to message to your friends then there is new Gear S3 app released called “TouchOne Keyboard”.

TouchOne Keyboard is a dedicated Keyboard app ment for Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch with an aim to offer smooth and faster typing experience on smaller displays. It was initially released for Android wear but recently extended to Tizen Os in beta phase before becoming available for masses.

The app makes most of the circular display of the Gear s3 smartwatches

How to download and install TouchOne Keyboard on Samsung Gear S3

The TouchOne Keyboard is one of the greatest new Gear S3 apps which is available on Galaxy App Store. So, all you need to start from Galaxy App Store. First of you need to find the TouchOne Keyboard on Galaxy App Store on your phone, you can search the TouchOne Keyboard on Galaxy App Store and you can see there a download button, tap on that button, you download process will start in a seconds. After that wait few second, if the download is completed the TouchOne Keyboard is now automatically install on your phone.

Download TouchOne Keyboard

After completing installation of TouchOne Keyboard on phone, now it’s time to connect TouchOne Keyboard on Samsung Gear S3. For that you need to follow some simple steps on you Gear S3 smartwatch.

Step 1: Open menu on you Gear S3

Step 2: Go to setting

Step 3: Scroll down and Select Input

Step 4: Tap Default Keyboard

Step 5: Select TouchOne Keyboard

After following all this steps, you just have to check that the new Gear S3 app TouchOne Keyboard is set Default Keyboard on the Gear S3 screen.

Now your new Gear S3 App ready to use, to get started you just need to go to the menu and start to write message, you message will automatically write by TouchOne Keyboard. You can see all alphabets around the Gear S3 watch which can help you to write simply.

If you want quick reply template, you just need to Swipe up to access and you can also turn on & off auto-perdition on your Gear S3. There you can easily type your message and send your contact. If you want some applicable alphabet to write message then you have to keep tapping on that key to get that applicable alphabet, in simple tap one to select a, tap twice to select B and Thrice to select C etc.

To make your conversation more attractive, you can use some Emoji on your Gear S3 smartwatch with the help of new Gear S3 app “TouchOne Keyboard’.

Samsung Gear S3 Update: Get Samsung’s smartwatch working with this vital Feature In New App

The new Gear S app, which is available to download from the iOS app store now for free, brings a number of functional features and updates.

For starters, it will let users download and install apps on the smartwatch, push notifications from the phone to the watch.

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There’s also good news for fitness fans, as the app will let you sync health and fitness data using Samsung’s Health service.

Along with the gear s3, Samsung has also released apps for the previous generation gear s2 service, as well as its Gear Fit wearable.

Both of these devices will also now be able to show notifications from the iPhone and send health data to the S health services.

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