Available Play Store App For Samsung Keyboard

Available Play Store App For Samsung Keyboard

Samsung Keyboard is the latest proprietary Samsung Play Store app to be published on play store app, so you can grab the latest updates without waiting for an update to the operating system itself.  Play store app seems to have been put up on the Play store app late last month, for now, it’s only supported on the Galaxy S8 and S8+ , but support for more devices will no doubt be added in the future.

If you own a Galaxy S8 or S8+, you should see an update for Samsung Keyboard App available on Google Play Store app. The update doesn’t have anything other than bug fixes or improvements, but future updates should have more to offer. Hit the source link to find Samsung Keyboard on the Play Store App, and let us know if you find it working on any other device that you may be using.

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Various input methods > Samsung Keyboard App (PlayStore)

– Clipboard: You can select text or images saved to the clipboard, and paste them.

– Keyboard swipe controls: You can input text or move the cursor by performing gestures on the keyboard screen.

– Voice input and Handwriting recognition is available.

– Split keyboard, Floating keyboard, and One-handed input keyboard are available.

Other features > Samsung Keyboard App  (PlayStore)

– Emoji: Express your personality in a fun way using over 3,000 emojis.

– Language update: It adds and learns new words on a regular basis. You can update languages via the Keyboard settings.

– Backup and restore: You can back up and restore the Keyboard settings and data using Samsung Cloud.

– It provides optimized keyboard layouts when you are using Car mode, Samsung DeX, or a Keyboard cover, and also supports text input via a hardware keyboard.

Keyboard custom settings > Samsung Keyboard App  (PlayStore) 

– Long-press the Custom key to open the Option and Symbol list, and select one that you want to assign a shortcut for. (e.g., Voice input, Handwriting recognition, Clipboard, Emoji, One-handed input mode, Keyboard settings, or Symbols)

– Custom symbols: Save your frequently used symbols and favorite symbols, and use them later. Open the Symbol list by long-pressing the period (.) to easily input symbols.

– Keyboard size, Number keys, and Alternative characters: You can adjust the keyboard size freely in all four directions, and also decide whether or not the Number keys and Alternative characters should be included on the keyboard.

– High contrast keyboard: Samsung Keyboard provides a high-contrast keyboard to take into account users with low vision or color vision impairment.



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