OnePlus announces Diwali Dash promotion in India

OnePlus announces Diwali Dash promotion in India

Oneplus has launched their Diwali Dash festival in india where customers can win prizes for just one.The company had last week announced their exclusive online store in the country.The Diwali Dash sale will held between October 24 to 26 each day at 12PM, 4PM and 8PM IST.The long participation process involves account registration ,mobile no. verification , registering shipment address ,as well as sharing the event on one of the social media platforms in order to win an ‘entrance ticket’.


A participation must complete the four step of registration :

1) Account registration

2)  Mobile no.verification

3) Shipment address

4) Share the event on at least one of his social media

After getting the entrance ticket , users will be able to purchase a mystery box for just Re 1. The content of the box  will be revealed once the user completes the payment of Re 1.Each flash sale session would have a range of mystery box by sharing the event on more than one social media platform , purchase accessories ,and invite friends to the event.

There ‘s also a contest where the brand will display a picture of any product , ask users to find the same on its e-commerce portal.You can also register your Oneplus phone’s IMEI no. on the diwali Dash promotion page and win an coupon worth RS. 250.

It’s festive season in india , and OnePlus wants to indulge in the same,but the promotional contests could be simpler and more fun .Head to the Diwali Dash festival page on the new Oneplus store to check out the details and participate.

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OnePlus announces Diwali Dash promotion in India


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