New Xiaomi VR Headset is Expected to launch on 1st August

New Xiaomi VR Headset is Expected to launch on 1st August

Xiaomi VR Headset: After two recent and big announcements Mi Notebook Air, Redmi Pro, Xiaomi is expected to make one more big announcement and it could be on 01st of August. This China’s largest Tech corporation may launch the Virtual Reality Headset on Monday. The unavailability of its own VR headset and the incompatibility of other VR headsets with the Xiaomi Smartphones have been painful to its users till now. Seems that there is going to be a permanent solution to this in the form of Xiaomi Virtual Reality Headset.
Xiaomi VR Headset – It is already known that this giant has already made its mark in the Virtual Reality with its automation products such as Air-Conditioners, Bed lamps etc. And now as the VR headsets of all the other major brands are not optimized to work with MIUI, it is said that it is going to come up with its own product to give its users the best headset experience. The new was confirmed recently by Xiaomi’s General Manager Tang Mu in his recent media reports.

As he said, this new VR headset from the company will also be compatible with Google’s Daydream VR platform and optimized to work with its smartphones running the MIUI. Though there are no technical details available about this smart mobile accessory, the company’s latest teaser posters on its Weibo account give hints that its VR headset could be officially launched on 01st August.

Following the strategy of other manufacturers on compatibility and optimization, it seems certain that the company’s handset will pair up only with its own devices. For example, last year’s release, Samsung’s Gear VR headset works on only some of its smartphones such as the Galaxy S7 lineup. However, Xiaomi ensures that its users get sufficient VR content with a ton of software and audiovisual content when its product hits the market.

When it comes to its pricing, Xiaomi VR Headset is expected to be available at a much low cost as compared to other branded smart headsets. It is expected to be cheaper than that of the Gear VR which comes at $99. The teaser poster and its language indicate that the headset is planned to be launched in its home country first and there is no information on its availability in other markets outside China. The official information is expected to be out soon.

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