Awesome Screenshot App

Awesome Screenshot App

Awesome Screenshot App is an annotation tool for your screenshot and picture. The Awesome Screenshot App works for chrome 36 and later versions. Awesome Screenshot App is a free Extension for Google chrome. It allows you to take an image of the website you are viewing and save it to your computer or share it online.

Awesome Screenshot App is really easy to use. Simply click the camera lens icon, and you are given three choices – Capture Visible Part of Page, Capture Selected Area and Capture Entire Page. Once you have your capture, you can crop, annotate or blur it. You are then given the option to save on your computer or upload to Awesome Screenshot and share it with a special URL.

The only problem we had with Awesome Screenshot App was the Capture Selected Area tool, which doesn’t seem to work well. However, you can get around this problem by simply cropping the images during the editing phase.

If you’re looking for a super simple way to save pictures of what you see when browsing, Awesome Screenshot App is pretty much as simple and functional as it gets. While it’s not perfect, it does a very good job at web capture.

Awesome Screenshot App Feature

  • Permanently store and organize your images by project.
  • Get point specific feedback on your screenshots and designs.
  • Share and collaborate with friends and colleagues.

How to Use Awesome Screenshot App

Would you like to take screenshots of pictures, web pages? Then here is the solution; use Awesome Screenshot App, an easy screenshot add-on to use on Chrome. The add-on makes great screenshots of entire web pages or just visible parts of the page, and you can edit the screenshot before you save it.

Step 1: Go to Chrome extensions and download Awesome Screenshot. Press the install button and let it install.

Step 2: Go to the webpage you want to take a screenshot from.

Step 3: Press the colored lens icon in your toolbar. Your options are:

 Awesome Screenshot App

  • Capture Visible Part of Page

 Awesome Screenshot App

  • Capture Selected Area

 Awesome Screenshot App

  • Capture Entire Page

 Awesome Screenshot App

Step 4: Edit the screenshot with use of the toolbar. Use the crop function at the beginning of the toolbar to crop the picture to the size you want.

  • Select the area you want to crop and drag the corners to enlarge or to make smaller. Click crop to crop the image.
  • Use the other functions of the toolbar to enhance your screenshot. You can add annotations, blur the image and more.

Step 5: Press “done” once you’re ready editing the screenshot.

A pop up will show and you’ll see a preview of the screenshot. You can either choose the option “Save As” or “Upload to online photo storage”.

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