How To Record call on iphone Without App

How To Record call on iphone Without App

Here we are describing about the How to Record call on iphone Without App. To answer How To Record call on iphone Without App, it is to have a three way conference with a telephony service that will record the line and line and save it for you.

The only requirement is that you should be able to make three-way discussion calls on your iPhone. This is actually possible in almost every iPhone and with every telecom operator in the United States.

There are a number of services out there that can help you record your calls using this method. One of those is our call recording service,

How to Record Call on iPhone without App using is a web-based service that you can use to record phone calls on your iPhone. You do not need to install any apps; in fact we do not have an app. It works on any iPhone – iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6Plus, 6S, 6S Plus, SE, 7 and 7 Plus.

You can record your outgoing calls, incoming calls as well as conference calls using

How to Record call on iphone without App

Step 1. Sign up

Create a free account at It hardly takes a minute and we do not ask for your Credit Card details either. You also get 10 minutes of free call recording when you sign up.

Step 2. Call us on our Toll Free Number


Once you have signed up, place a call to our toll free number – +1-888-829-2045. Please note that this is best suited if you are in the United States. If you are not in the United States, you can use these other methods to record phone calls.

Step 3. Add the intended Recipient to the Call


Once the call connects to our number, use the “add call” button on your phone to call your recipient.

Step 4. Merge the Calls

How To Record call on iphone Without App

When the call connects to your recipient, press the “merge calls” button on your call screen. This creates a three-way conference with your call recipient, you and our service. The sound stream received by our service is then recorded and saved to your account.

 Step 5. Listen to your Recording

How To Record call on iphone Without App

The call recordings you make are available in your account at You can listen to your recordings, download a recording in MP3 format or share it online with others to collaborate.

The call recipient will see your number on her phone, similar to receiving a regular phone call.

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