How You Can Increase Your Reliance Jio 4G Speed

How You Can Increase Your Reliance Jio 4G Speed

When Reliance Jio first announced with its preview offer, it’s the fastest among all Internet providers promised to be. While it offered free internet, free voice calls, free messages, It was not surprising to get one Jio SIM that customers stood in queues.

Nowadays the speed is down. Before September 5, the day when Reliance introduced Welcome Offer and the SIM was available to almost all users, would see speed as high as 30Mbps to 50Mbps. After September 5 it has only gone down. The average Jio 4G speed is now extremely bad.

For this issue there can be a number of reasons. Before the commercial release on Jan 1, 2017 Reliance might still be testing its network and the Welcome offer is might be the final beta of the Jio service or maybe there is something wrong with the network

In terms of the internet let’s know how to pinch Reliance Jio to make it much faster in terms of the internet.

Here, we are provide a easy methods to increase Jio 4G Speed

Step 1: First, open Settings Menu on your Android smartphone.


Step 2: Now, scroll down and find Mobile Networks in the list.


Step 3: Turn your Network Mode Jio into “LTE” by default it will be auto connect to make sure you changed it to “LTE” and then restart your Phone.


Step 4: Now from the Google Play store download and install “Opera Free VPN”.


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Step 5: When it’s installing, below you will see the screen like that. Now you need to tap on “Connect” and wait for some time.



Step 6: When it connected, you can change your region. To change the regions simply tap on “Change Region.”



Step 7:  At last you will see the list to choose a region, you can try each of them and check your speed.


In order to get good speed you need to find out the best region from the Opera VPN. There are number of other VPNs available on Google Play store but the Opera free VPN works the best.

So, this is really useful for the how you can increase your Reliance Jio internet speed in Android smartphone. This method will surely work out those who are new customer in Reliance Jio.


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