How to transfer files, apps, photos & media from Android phone to SD card

How to transfer files, apps, photos & media from Android phone to SD card

Before many Android phone come with a worthless 4-or 8GB of storage, when many users start the downloading apps even as 16GB isn’t enough for them, taking high-resolution photos and videos. Now a day fortunately, Android phones come with a microSD card slot, which allows you secure on additional storage.

When you buy a microSD card before check what capacity card your phone will support- while major phones are likely to be more than happy to contain 128GB, many inexpensive Androids accept only 32GB, properly, and 32GB will be enough for most people.

Once you’ve got the microSD card, it’s easy to set things up so that it becomes the default write drive for new apps, photos, video, music and more. You can also set your location where you want to store. For example, In camera setting you can set location when you click picture using camera then it will directly store your pictures into the SD Card if you set your location SD card.

How to transfer Apps from Android phones to microSD

First, let’s clear up something important: not all apps can be moved to microSD, and some phones won’t let you move apps to SD at all. If an app is able to be moved to the microSD card, you’ll find the option to do

Step 1:  Open the Setting Menu.


Step 2: Now, select the Apps menu in the Setting list. On the first tab of this screen you’ll see all apps downloaded to your phone. Swipe in from the right to see which are stored on your SD card – right now this screen should be blank.


Step 3: To move an app to microSD return to the Downloaded tab and tap on an app to select it

Step 4: Now, return to the Downloaded tab and tap on an app to select the app which you want to move to microSD. Select that app which is not pre-installed on the phone. Now you’ll see an option to ‘Move to SD card’ tap this. The button will first show ‘Moving‘, and then when the action is complete it will switch to ‘Move to phone‘. You’ll now find the app listed under the On SD Card tab.


How to move photos, video, music and other media files to microSD on Android phone or tablet

First you can find to Settings > Storage on your Android phone then look for an option to ‘Transfer data to SD card’. Not all Android devices have this option.

The easiest way to transfer files using the PC or Mac. For that you need a USB cable. Connect your Phone with PC using the USB Cable and then Copying the Photos, Videos, music and other Media on the your Android Phones and paste it into your microSD card. Also you can move files from internal storage to SD card simply drag and drop files, then delete from the phone’s internal storage.

You can also use the File Manager app. Many Android phones come with such an app preinstalled, but it is not a standard part of Android.

In that two Storage display such as sdcard0 and sdcard1, sdcard0 considered as a Internal storage and sdcard1 considered as a External storage (microSD card).

Both are include number of sub folders such as DCIM for photos, document, media etc.

First open sdcard0 and browse to DCIM, Camera. Here you’ll find any shots taken by your camera. Tap the three dots at the bottom right of the screen and choose Multi-select. Tap on each item you want to move to SD; when selected the white text becomes yellow. Now choose Move, browse to the microSD card and choose Move here.

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