How to Set Up Do Not Disturb Mode in iPhone

How to Set Up Do Not Disturb Mode in iPhone

iPhone provide a Do Not disturb feature, it’s perfect for saving you from distractions where you’re trying to work, or get some sleep.

In the Control Center you can be activated the Do Not Disturb: swipe up from the Home screen and crescent moon icon in the top row of options. In your iPhone screen a matching moon icon will appear in the top bar.

Using Do Not Disturb mode incoming calls and alerts will be silenced.

This is the easier, manual method for activating Do Not Disturb, but we can get more complicated than that,

Go to Settings -> Do Not Disturb, and there you will see a number of options, as well as the ability to set ‘quiet hours’ each day or night.


If it’s an emergency:

DND is very helpful, but you could worry that it’s avoiding urgent message from getting through. But you can set up exclusions for peace of mind.

Repeated calls to turn the switch and you have three minutes from within the same person a second call will be reported to. You get the odd trivial call break through, but do not take his victim for the first time, most signs of the midnight callers. Anyone try again with immediate news to will be far more likely.

You can also set the certain people who can call you.

How to set that: Tap ‘Allow Calls From’ to allow this to be overridden by calls from Favourites.

For that you can add people to the Favourites list in the Contacts app.

Select a contact -> Scroll down to the bottom of their listing and tap Add to Favourites. But removing a contact, or changing the order in which Favorite 3D touch sub menu and appear only in the phone app-favorite with the bottom tab and tap the next edit at the top of the screen can be from select.



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