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Samsung Gear S3 Smartwatch, Samsung Gear S3,Gear S3, Tips and tricks

10 tips and tricks for Samsung Gear S3 Smartwatch

Samsung’s latest Smartwatch of Gear S3 have an elegant looks, It’s comes with a full of hidden features and potential. Here’s what you need to know gear s3 tips and tricks to get the most out of the wearable device as a Samsung Gear S3 Smartwatch. Samsung Gear S3 is a fully capable smartwatch, while we would love to see more apps available for the Samsung Gear S3 Watch.

Whether you expect, or a gear S3 over the holidays it has had for some time, Probability are there are some features and aspects of the watch you have yet to explore.

Here are 10 gear s3 Tips and Tricks for the Samsung  to help you out

  1. The box is a charging stand

How to assemble the stand of Samsung Gear S3:
Rather than the box in the trash, convert it into a charging port for your watch. Except collecting some pieces, no work is really required on your part. Turn to the included Quick Start Guide for instructions detailing how to assemble the stand.

  1. Pair With any Android device

You can also use the Gear S3 with any Android devices, for that you’ll need to jump through a few hoops. First of all, you have your Android device running Android 4.4 you will need to make sure and above, also need 1.5GB RAM.

Next, you’ll need to install the Samsung Gear app from the Play store.

Through the setup process, the app will ask you to install two or three more apps, which are required for the watch and your phone to talk to one another. Follow the prompts and install the various plig-ins and services.

  1. Set home button shortcut

On the Gear S3 there is a one bottom Button that is called Home Button, Double Click on that. It will launch S Voice by default. However, you can customize this setting to launch other apps sorting from the Calendar to S Health.

  1. Use Samsung Pay

One of the noticeable features of the Gear S3 is total Samsung Pay compatibility. Means, using your watch you can pay on NFC terminals as well as older credit card swipe machines.

Long-press on the top right button on the watch to begin the setup process. For that you’ll need to add a card on your phone, but the app walks you through it and it’s easy.

Then, if you want to exit and information, long-press the same button, tap on the card you want to pay with, and hold your watch up to the payment terminal. Magic.

  1. Change Watch faces

There are lots of watch faces for the Gear S3, most of which you will need to use the gear app on your Android device to browse and install.

You can also changing watch faces on the phone, or on the watch itself.Samsung Gear S3 Smartwatch, Samsung Gear S3,Gear S3, Tips and tricks

Long-press on your watch face, then swipe left or right to browse installed faces. If a “Stylize” option is shown below the preview, click on it to change colors and customize it to your liking.

  1. Add, rearrange Widgets

You can also Add and Rearrange widgets, by turning the ring around the watch face to the right, on the watch you can view app widgets currently setup. When viewing a widget long-press on it to customize, rearrange, remove or add new widgets.

  1. Access quick settings

To access quick settings for the watch swipe down from your watch. Here you can enable airplane mode, manually enable Do Not Disturb as you walk into a meeting or a movie, you can also adjust brightness, volume of the speaker and access the music app.Samsung Gear S3 Smartwatch, Samsung Gear S3,Gear S3, Tips and tricks

  1. Manage Apps

You can also customize the default app circle, and can be triggered with a long-press on an app icon. A ring will outline the watch’s screen, letting you know you’re in edit mode. In that you can Drag & drop and delete apps right on the screen of you watch.Samsung Gear S3 Smartwatch, Samsung Gear S3,Gear S3, Tips and tricks

  1. Set Do not Disturb

With the Gear S3’s battery life, you can wear it to track your sleep. But being wake up all night from alerts on your wrist isn’t going to help you get a good night’s rest, so you’ll want to enable Do Not Disturb.

On your Smartwatch, open the Settings app > Device > Do Not Disturb. Select the days and time you want to watch to stop notifications, then double-check you have turn on as scheduled enabled.

  1. Disable Get Moving reminders

For a few, being reminded each hour to get up and get moving is irritating. You can disable these alerts in the S Health app on your watch. For that scroll to the Settings icon and select it, followed by clicking on inactive Time.




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