Xbox One S India Release Date Set for April: Sources says

Xbox One S India Release Date Set for April: Sources says

Microsoft could launch the Xbox One S next month. No price has been exposed of Xbox One S just yet. The Xbox One S controller has been available since November last year. The Xbox One S is set for an India release in April. Furthermore, a price has not been indicated either.

A number of retailers speaking to Gadgets 360 have confirmed that the company and its distributors have informed them of an imminent launch. No exact date has been given to stores just yet, other than an April release window. In addition, a price has not been indicated either.

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“We were told that the Xbox One S is due for an April release window by Microsoft and its distributor. Microsoft hasn’t shared pricing yet as they’re still gauging quantities to be brought in,” says a store manager to Gadgets 360.

A delayed launch should come as no surprise. The company was expected to take part in the Indian Game show where some unveiled its launch plan for the PS4 Silm, PS VR, and PS4 Pro.

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That was dashed due to the Xbox One S not being prepped for India release; no surprise considering that the Xbox One hasn’t exactly sold as well as it should have, what with an online-only distribution strategy that just saw wider retail availability officially six months ago.

However, that hasn’t stopped the company from bringing the revamped Xbox One controller that was released alongside the Xbox One S.

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The reason for bringing in the controller fist is straightforward. Sources tell us that Microsoft India is keen to have it supplant the Xbox One 360 controller that’s been a mainstay for PC gamers for almost a decade in India.

It makes sense considering that Microsoft’s global strategy is to push games that follow Xbox One play anywhere- which allows fans to play games on both the Xbox One and window 10 PC.

For its part, Microsoft India isn’t saying anything just yet. We got in touch with the company and received the following response:

we have nothing to share on our Xbox One S plan for India. Will keep you updated.

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