Steam summer Sale 2017

Steam summer Sale 2017

Steam summer sale 2017 runs from June 22 to July 5. The discount of steam summer sale 2017 will remain the throughout. For Steam summer sale 2017 you can play via digital wallets, net banking, and COD. Steam summer sale 2017 is now upon US.

On top of the discounts of Steam summer sale 2017, Valve has added a mini-game of sorts, where you complete daily quests to fill a sticker book. If you manage to complete any of the 15 pages, that one will permanently stay unlocked on your account. Stickers can’t be traded, so you’ll have to do the quests to earn them.

If you don’t have an international credit/debit card, don’t worry. Steam brought in support for netbanking, digital wallets, and cash on delivery late last year, so there’s a ton of new ways to pay for your favourite games of Steam summer sale 2017.

As has become the new norm, there’ll be no limited-time or flash sales during the Steam Summer Sale. Instead, games with discounts will stay that way throughout the sale period – June 22 to July 5 – and games that aren’t on discount won’t be receiving any discounts randomly. Steam summer sale 2017 good for players, since it gives you ample time to browse the store and find gems.

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