SMSGear for the Gear S3 Starts Android SMS to the wrist

SMSGear for the Gear S3 Starts Android SMS to the wrist

The SMSGear app just added to XDA developer’s app listings is finally bringing better integration to Samsung’s Gear S3 users those who don’t have paired with a Samsung Galaxy Smartphone. The SMSGear newly released and may be a bit “beta” application. It was created by Senior Member James St-Pierre and the SMSGear app was uploaded to the site on February 15.

This SMSGear app created because of the connection problem between the Samsung’s Gear S3 and non-Samsung Android Smartphone, so for solve this problem with SMS messages between the Samsung’s Gear S3 and non-Samsung android Smartphones.

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At the Root of the problem that SMSGear is built to solve are the limitations that Samsung’s Gear S3 Smartwatches have when used with non-Samsung device with integration in mind.

Samsung has also added a pair of partners since then, for example WatchMaker, to improve other features of the device. Though, regardless of the company tried to go the exclusive route with the Gear S having compatibility with only Samsung Galaxy Smartphones, but it wasn’t work. With the Gear S2, one limitation still experienced by those users has been the lack of any kind of Android SMS integration with the Smartwatch.

See the the GitHub page located here.

So, How “SMSGear” Works?

  • SMSGear try to find out and solve that limitation. While the app in its current form doesn’t allow for new SMS conversations to be created via the watch, SMSGear does let users to the viewing and sending of messages.
  • SMSGear also allows the user to set limits to the number of conversations handled by the user’s Gear S3, with control over how many messages will be sent to the device from each of those conversations.

SMSGear more SMS-based features:

SMSGear is the completely open source so that the community of developers at XDA can set to work improving and refining the app. unfortunately, there are also a few of limitations on the Android side of things. The Developer lists have both the ability to delete messages and to delete conversations through the smartwatch in that category, currently those are things that no Android smartwatch can do.

If you want to install SMSGear, so you should be know that the application is not still ready for those users who would directly installation. Although basic instructions are included with the listing, so you’ll need to have knowledge of and how to install SMSGear application using both Android Studio and Tizen Studio.

Through a simple APK, the SMSGear application will gain an easier method of installation.

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