Best gaming PC: 10 of the top rigs you can buy in 2016

Best gaming PC: 10 of the top rigs you can buy in 2016

PC gaming is currently in better shape than it has been for years. Software sales are up, and developers now take both the platform and players more seriously.

The fantastic simplicity of services like Steam makes buying PC games a cinch, and the PC’s open nature gives you a great choice of hardware. Graphics cards, storage, processors and memory are interchangeable on the PC in a way that no other platform can compete with. And, with a PC that has a really high specification, the visuals and resolutions it can manage are far superior to even the Xbox One and PS4.

A great gaming computer doesn’t come cheap though. You’ll have to dig deep into your pocket for a PC that has the most powerful graphics card, a top-end “Haswell” or “Skylake” processor which has been overclocked by the PC vendor, and an ultra fast SSD. But, if you love gaming, the considerable expense is absolutely worth it.

The single most important piece of advice for anyone shopping for a gaming PC is to get a powerful graphics card. The graphics processor affects a game’s frame rate and visual detail more than any other component. But, of course, you’ll also want to make sure the rest of the computer cuts the mustard as well.

Or, you could just buy one of the 10 stellar gaming PCs that we recommend below. Your call.

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