New Dell XPS 13 with Kaby Lake Lasts Epic 14 Hours

New Dell XPS 13 with Kaby Lake Lasts Epic 14 Hours

The Dell Company recently Launched Dell XPS 13, it’s includes a faster, Intel 7th generation Core Series “Kaby Lake”.  Intel first debuted the 7th  generation Core on August 30, Now, just over a month later, it’s first versions of it appear in Dell XPS 13.

Intel Kaby Lake Platform SKUs:

intel kaby lake processor

Although it hasn’t claimed major improvement, this chip offers a performance improvement over the previous edition; the new processors are really a bit faster than the old ones. And while the improvement isn’t shocking, the most demanding applications in that you would notice large enough.

Using that it’s improve a better Wi-Fi performance, the biggest upgrade about is 60-watt-hour battery, which is up from the 56-watt-hour unit in the last-generation model.  Intel’s new processors are also supposed to be more power efficient than the 6th Generation “Skylake” CPUs they replace.

It also displays that Intel’s New Media Engine may offer the guaranteed improvement to battery life .

Even if you want to buy it, before the end of the year the 7th-generation Intel Core processor isn’t coming to most laptops, some important versions of the processors like quad-core mobile chips and the entire desktop line –won’t appear until at least January.

The performances are very notable.

dell xps 13 with kaby lake
                                                                                  Dell XPS 13 with kaby lake

Specification of Dell XPS 13

  • 7th gen Core i5 CPU
  • 8GB of RAM
  • 256GB SSD and
  • Screen resolution of Quad HD display(3200 x 1800 pixels
  • Connectivity: WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0

About ports,

  • It has an SD card reader
  • USB 3.0 Type A port
  • Kensington lock on the left side
  • Full-sized HDMI on the right
  • Second USB 3.0 Type A port
  • Audio Jack and a Thunderbolt 3 support

It comes in Silver, Rose Gold and Yellow Gold colours and prices starts from Dh7,299.

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