Pokémon Uraniun Game Released After 9 Year of Development

Pokémon Uraniun Game Released After 9 Year of Development

We have heard about the whole world is talking about The Pokémon Go game, but these time some of biggest fan of Pokémon Go have made a massive efforts to develop Pokémon Uranium Game after 9 year determinant attempt behind this Pokémon Uranium.

The official version 1.0 of Pokémon Uranium is now available for PC gamers. The Pokémon Uranium Game is developed by JV involuntary Twitch and the Uranium Team. The Pokémon Uranium has confirmed that Pokémon Uranium will be soon available for Mac version.

Let’s talking about Pokémon Uranium Game, the game features some of vintage monster like Gyarados and Primeape and including 150 more classic Pokémon in the Tandor Region that the developer have invented on their own. The game players have to hunt to collect 8 Gym Badges and victory over the Tandor League. Along the way, the player should war against some menacing threat that is originate Nuclear Meltdown, and will face an all new type of Pokémon. The developers have tried all the things to create classic Pokémon game; there are eight separate Pokémon gyms to battle and their version of the Elite Four- the Tandor Region Championship.

Explore the Tandor Region            Cinematic Battles                    Responsive Menus


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For now Pokémon Uranium Game is free for gamers. The JV involuntary Twitch and the Uranium Team have continued to answering questions of fans. The game racked up thousands of comments on social media. The new update would be release soon to fix some bugs and issues.

You can Download Pokémon Uranium Full Game Here: Link-1 ►download ,  Link-2 download

Some steps to Download Pokémon Uranium:

  1. Run the installer first
  2. Choose a destination folder to download
  3. After download game will unzip and install itself
  4. Once you have installed, launch Uranium.exe

Pokémon Uranium developer deserves a big round of applause for finishing their outstanding project. Presently, there is no ultimatum by Nintendo or the Pokémon Company against the game. The Pokémon Uranium game is still now available for gamers to download. we are sure that Pokémon lovers is busy in this both game Pokémon Go and Pokémon Uranium until the launch of Pokémon Sun and Moon by Nintendo 3DS in this November.

Here is all Pokémon Uranium New Full Game Trailer:

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