Next ‘Final Fantasy XIV’ expansion, ‘Stormblood,’ set for summer 2017

Next ‘Final Fantasy XIV’ expansion, ‘Stormblood,’ set for summer 2017

On Friday during the Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival in Las vegas,producer and director Naoki Yoshida shared some information about the next major expansion for the MMORGPG AND the supplementary Update 4.0 during the keynote of the management .

Follow up with any official information through the normal news channels ,so all we have is the information provided during his management ,and a tester trailer showing some prerendered action.

First,stormblood will arrive sometimes during the summer of 2017.Yoshida said the expansion’s story will focus mainly on reclaiming the nation of Ala Mhogo from the Garlean Empire ,which has ruled this nation for decades.The story ‘s antagonist will be called Zenos,who has persuaded many Ala mhogo locals into following leads.  


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