Milind Soman needs no introduction. The legendary model officially turned into an ‘endurance athlete’ last year after completing the Iron Man Triathlon. The man’s an unbeatable inspiration. His latest jaunt is running from Ahmadabad to Mumbai, barefoot. That’s a baffling 527 kilometers. While all props to him for motivating the youth to get fit, there’s something you really need to know. Prolonged distance running will ruin the way you look. So if you are thinking of running joint-ruining distances after getting inspired by Milind Soman, here’s what you need to know.

At 50 years of age, Milind Soman had already achieved what not many Indians had – that is, completing the world’s toughest triathlon – the ironman. Now, running long distances is like a piece of cake for the model/actor.Continuing his penchant for fitness, he has attempted to run from Ahmedabad to Mumbai, barefoot. That’s a distance of 527 kms, and to do that barefoot, you’ll have to doff your hat to this athlete.

During the Ironman triathlon championships last year. Soman completed a course of a 3.8-km swim, an 180.2-km cycle ride and a 42.2-km run in just over 15 hours.


More muscle, less fat. If that’s what you are striving for, distance running is not for you. If you want peaking biceps and killer quads, distance running will never let you achieve that. If you are fat trying to be fit, prolonged distance running will only make you skinny fat, not fit. While most enthusiastic distance runners think that they are losing fat, they are actually losing a lot of muscle mass and ruining joint and hormonal health. Lift weights, eat clean and HIIT cardio is you want to achieve peak physique.

But Milind Soman Isn’t Skinny, He looks Fit!


Please understand this that Milind hasn’t been a lifelong ‘ultra distance’ runner. It’s only been past 4 years that he’s taken up running very, very seriously.  Take a look at Milind’s pictures from the 90s; he has, if not a lot, then a very decently good amount of muscle on his frame. You don’t get that by running, you need to lift heavy weights for that. Moreover, you have no idea about his training and diet regimes that play a MAJOR role in still making him look muscular. Also, he was never fat. He never started running to lose weight, which is 90% times the reason for people to take up running. And as far as Milind’s muscularity is concerned, the man still looks muscular because he has his diet and strength training in place.Distance running is not a bad idea until it is strategically placed in your training routine. People who try to outdo bad dietary habits by running crazy distances are only putting their health at further risks. Mindless distance running, which at least 80% of the current runners are doing, eats muscle mass, elevate cortisol levels and set a pathway for ruined joints. So, before you read about a celebrity doing something outrageous with his body, think how you can integrate it in your personal training routine. Don’t just go out and start slogging yourself aimlessly!

As per news Milind reach at Bharuch, Gujarat Successfully!!!!

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