Five Must-Have Exclusive PS4 Games Coming in 2017

Five Must-Have Exclusive PS4 Games Coming in 2017

There are many games existing today that are offered across most platforms including PlayStation 4, Xbox and PC. However, there are games releasing next year that is a must play but is only restricted to PS4 players.

So this guide is all about making life more moving for PlayStation 4 games as we share the 5 must have exclusive games coming in 2017.

Horizon: Zero Dawn’ in PlayStation 4

‘Horizon: Zero Dawn’ which will be entirely released for PS4. It is stories about hunters that lives in a robot world and create a stick to define herself.

She is not wanted in her own tribe which led her to be independent and be strong in her own way and ability. She eliminates all robots that come in her way.

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Five Must-Have Exclusive PS4 Games Coming in 2017

‘Gravity Rush 2’ in PlayStation 4

The continuation to ‘Gravity Rush’ is also coming in 2017 but this time offers new gameplay for its players to enjoy. ‘Gravity Rush 2’ now comes with three unique combat styles including Jupiter, Lunar and normal styles, And as always, Kat will be there who will meet new and exciting characters in her new journey.

Remake of ‘crash Bandicoot’ in PlayStation 4

Sony have announced earlier that are finally making a remake of ‘Crash Bandicoot’, one of the all time favourite game in the 90s, and they are remastering many aspects of the game.

The remastered version will allow players to have their own partiality of Sky lander as their character. Although the exact date of release has not yet been confirmed, it is estimated that it will be sometimes close to Activision’s 20th Anniversary.

 ‘Gran Turismo Sports’ in PlayStation 4

After the release of ‘Gran Turismo Sports’ trailer, fans can no longer wait for its release. It has been two years since it was first announced and it is finally ready for fans to play in 2017.

It is the 13th installment of the game series and as always, is all about racing but this times come with a VR experience feature.

The Remake of ‘Final Fantasy VII ’in PlayStation 4

Before ‘Final Fantasy 15’, there is the all time favourite ‘Final Fantasy VII’ that was first released in 1997. It’s coming back after 10 years and it’s going to be remastered, improved and be added with new content so it’s a must have for every Final Fantasy die hard fan. It is said to be released in three separate parts but will still include the original story of the game.

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