Battlefield 1 Open Beta Begins Very Soon, Impressive New Trailer Released

Battlefield 1 Open Beta Begins Very Soon, Impressive New Trailer Released

Today DICE, an Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: EA) studio,declared the Battlefield 1 open beta begin August 31st on Xbox One, PC via Origin™ and PlayStation®4.Only those player qualified to receive early access to open beta who have signed up as a Battlefield insider on before 21.

Accoring to GameSpot ,If any users want to be fraction of the open beta they have to Registered as a Battlefield insider.Until Aug 21,Some of the Days remaining so,They still have time to registered to be a fraction of the insider.and they also trained to select which platform they set up to right to use the beta.If they not succeed to select platform preference,they would not get the code to play the beta early. There’s no word yet on how soon will have access to the internal beta, but everyone at least three days before being speculated.

The “Battlefield 1” open beta will include a new feature the map of Sinai Desert where user will be able to enjoy a variety of gameplay surprises. As well as airplane dog Fights and on-the-ground warfare.


The Open beta also includes two most popular game modes under the Game players those who have fan of this Games:

• Conquest and ,
• Rush

In Conquest-it is a huge multiplayer mode that allows up to 64 players to fight for control on objectives.

In Rush- In this game mode its allows only up to 24 players where users must find and destroy their enemy’s Telegraph Posts.

A new “Battlefield 1” trailer has also been released .Notable features in this video horse-based fighter, dogfight and game footage highlighting the destructive force of train.

See a new trailer of the Battlefield 1:

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